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Alex gave me a tour around a 20' x 17' (6m x 5m) garden studio flat in this video...


This photo is the view as you enter Lou's studio flat...


Entry into 20x17 garden studio flat



Lou's flat features a half window which Alex discusses in this video...



As well as extra ventilation, Lou's half window has a fantastic countryside view as you can see in this photo...


Half Window View


The half window opens out for ventilation and includes a recessed blind which fits nice and tight to the glazing so that when the window opens, the blind doesn't get in the way and be damaged.


Alex discusses the kitchen area in this video...



This kitchen photo shows the 6 ft (1820mm) unit on the left with sink, and the 4 ft (1220mm) unit on the right with the microwave...


Double Kitchen 20x17


Alex discusses the planning permission which Lou did because she was looking at a brick built annexe at double the cost.

Alex explains in this video...




This photo shows the view from Lou's living room towards her bedroom.

The bedroom uses a pocket door for privacy.

The open plan of the layout makes it feel far larger than what you would expect from the footprint...


View From Living Rm To Bedroom


Photos with a closer view of the bedroom...

Note the "pocket  door" on the right of the first photo, which can be pulled out and act as a privacy door for Lou's bedroom.

View into bedroom


View of bedroom


 Alex discusses in this video, why Lou and her familly decided to go for a Booths garden studio flat...



This photo shows the view from the kitchen towards the lliving room and main access door...


View from kichen to living rm


Alex discusses the shelving walls which can be installed in your garden studio flat...



This photo shows the view from Lou's sofa.

Lou wanted her TV on a stand, but if you wanted your TV to be mounted on the wall we can supply a board which makes this a simple task...


View from living room


In this video, Alex discusses Booths after-sales service...



If you would like an accurate quotation for your garden studio flat, simply contact us via our contact us page.


You can also visit our show studios at our Corby site NN18 8AN.

Call Diane on 07545 967936 or Karen on 07807 097108 to get that organised for you.


Booths are a family run business supplying the fastest service in the UK with the best value garden rooms, all complete with the longest guarantee in the UK of 25 years. We can only offer this guarantee because of the materials we use, plus Alex's innovative designs which he has worked on for over 20 years.


As a recent customer said to Damian in our after sales department about his experience with Booths...


Hi Damian,


Feeling good, feeling very good indeed.
Had a blast with Matty and Owen on Sunday, those guys really put in a shift,
I think they must have left coming up to 9 o’clock in the evening.
In terms of representing what Booths offer in terms of service on a scale of 1 to 10 then these guys easily get a solid 12!
In terms of the studio, I first started talking to Justin a year ago. I’m a guy who does his homework and I can tell you, I looked at everything.
I don’t have money to throw away so I went through the garden studios market with a fine tooth comb, somehow I kept coming back to Booths.
Whether it was a combination of the studio features or Alex’s videos (and I’ve seen every single one of them) it was an easy choice.
Watching Matty and Owen put the studio together further confirmed my reasoning to go Booths. Having experienced the build I am of the conclusion your videos don’t get the full picture across as to the quality of the build and design, perhaps it’s just me.
I enjoy a bit of DIY myself but seeing simple things that work really leaves an impression on me. One example being the washers used to secure the roof trimming, hats off to Alex, that’s pure genius! Squaring up the structure with the straps! Next time my clamps won’t get my cabinets as square as I’d like, I might try it! However, I’m sure you’re busy so I’ll wrap this up.
Just one last note, when I heard this thing would be put together in a day (8' x 8' QCB garden office) my heart sank and I started thinking IKEA flat pack, boy was I wrong!
My wife is jealous but I smile at her while reminding her that the garden is only big enough for one. We are currently exploring rental options.
Thanks for everything Damian, you guys have been instrumental in reminding me that I can still achieve worthwhile things!
Still floating on Cloud 9 and will be for a while,
Chris Boyce.
Iain here to say, many thanks to Lou for letting Alex and I do a case study on her studio fllat and many thanks to Chris Boyce for his review. (We get reviews llike this all the time:-)
Chris points out how fast we install studios - this is because if any job can be completed in our factory under perfect workshop conditions, we do it.
We don't build "on site" like most of our competitors (taking weeks to install a studio flat) as it's extremey inefficient and suffers the UK's fuctuating weather which can at times, be a nightmare.
This policy means we install faster than any other company in the UK, which reduces the cost to you, and reduces your stress.
Hope this helps!
Many thanks,
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P.S. Lou's floor plan layout...
Lou's foor plan