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Beautiful Sky above a 20x8 QCB garden studio


Hi there!


Iain here - hope you are well.


The stunning photo above was taken by one of our fitters at the end of the studio installation.


Like all the photos on our websites, it's a real studio. It hasn't been drawn in a computer.

It's a 20' x 8' QCB with a decking frontage.


Many of our competitors don't use real photographs as they prefer to draw their garden rooms in a computer programme like Photo Shop.


Why would they do this?


They do it because seeing their product "in the flesh" is often a let down.


Timber garden rooms never look great in the cold light of day and if they haven't been chemically treated, on an annual basis, this only gets worse every year with the UK's severe weather.


Using fake photos also saves the expense of having to build a new design and unfortunately, many people cannot tell that it's fake. (the computer generated grass is usually the give away.)


Alex and I would feel really uncomfortable using fake photos, so all of our photographs are taken on basic phone cameras by our customers and fitters.


No smoke and mirrors.


The rise of fake technology is a huge issue these days and for me, anything not real, should legally be labelled as such so that we are aware it's not real.


In the same way that an article paid for in a newspaper has to be labelled "Advertising", anything designed by a computer should be labelled as such. Maybe a small "F" in the corner of photos or videos should be used.


The government are slow to react to these things but impersonation is becoming so accurate these days, that they will have to do something about it soon.


In the mean time, you can be rest assured that all of our photos are of real studios that haven't been photo shopped.


What you see is what you get.


For you - visiting a Booths garden studio building "in the flesh" will not be a let down.


Simply contact us to visit our showroom at NN18 8AN by clicking here.


Hope this helps!


Many thanks, Iain