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Booths Garden Studios summerhouseWe might not all have a large pond, or the rolling hills of Snowdonia to look at from our garden room - but very small gardens can still be a joy to overlook...

Garden Room overlooking the rolling hills of Snowdonia

If you don't live next to a canal then even a patch of grass in front of your garden room transforms the feel of spending time in a garden room.

Garden room overlooking a canal with swans passing by
You feel more at one with nature in a well designed garden room which has lots of windows. There's more daylight, more sunshine, and the amazing sounds from nature to inspire and energise you. I often sit outside my garden room working on my laptop - it doesn't feel like I'm working - it feels like I'm on holiday. 

With a Booths garden room you can enjoy that inspiration and energy without the worry of having to paint or stain the exterior. All the  joy - with less stress. See more garden studio photos by clicking HERE.

Artist garden room overlooking a lovely garden