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We now have a "standard cloakroom" for the QCB garden studios which is detailed below in this garden office installation.

The cost of the standard cloakroom is £2995 and consists of the toilet cubicle complete with extractor fan with entrance door plus the toilet and sink built in within a white vanity unit.


Toilet within a garden office


This is Catherines garden office which she uses as a therapy room.

She has clients and didn't want them using the house toilet so she had a compact standard cloakroom installed.

garden office with toilet and sink


This photo shows the main Therapy room of Catherines garden studio...

Therapy room inside a garden office


This photograph shows how the Therapy room joins up with the compact toilet in her garden studio...

Garden office with therapy room and toilet


Catherine bought a steel step for her entrance which has adjustable feet.

This is very handy as building a step is surprisingly expensive.

This garden office step only cost £65. We can supply bespoke custom built steps to match your garden office but they are considerably more expensive than off the shelf steps - prices start from £260.

Steel step going into a garden office


Please remember to budget for the groundworks if you want a cloakroom toilet - this means getting the mains water to your garden office and getting rid of the waste to the nearest drain in your property. Catherine was fortunate that the manhole was right next to her garden office.


This is the floor plan of Catherines therapy garden studio...

Garden office floor plan showing cloakroom toilet

The cloakroom cubicle size is 6' x 3' or 1820mm x 910mm.


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