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Gurinder Chadha gives Alex and Iain a quick tour of her QCB writing garden studio...



Gurinder explained to Alex and I, that she and her writing partner, Paul, were not long back from the US where they had been discussing a new project and signing a contract with Disney.

This is to produce their next film about an Indian Princess - a script written in their QCB garden office.

So we will be looking out for that:)

Also, if you don't know Gurinders work, it is very good. You can watch the films

Blinded By The Lighthttps://www.benditnetworks.com/filmography/blindedbythelight/


Bend It Like Beckham https://www.benditnetworks.com/filmography/bilb-trailer/


- both fantastic films:)

A full list of their film and TV work can be seen at their website here



Alex Booth in front of Gurinders roof top garden office...

Alex Booth in front of Guriinder Chadhas garden office

Many thanks to Gurinder and Paul for their time and cups of tea:) Booths Garden Studios, Offices, Annexes.


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