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Jean was fed up.

Painting in the conservatory was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Luckily her husband, Roger, came to the rescue and treated her to a 9' x 9' (2730mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden studio.

Jean talks about her garden art studio in this video...


Jean discusses her artwork in this short video...(garden art studio)


Jean wanted to fix some boards onto the walls of her garden art studio, so that she could hang her artwork on these "false walls". This was to avoid damaging the original walls.

Please note that since Jeans garden studio was installed, the internal walls are now a "pro board" which is similar to plaster board. It is still fine to attach to the walls but best to fix heavy items like tvs either side of where the walls join.


Alex explains in the video below...


This photo shows Jean outside her 9' x 9' (2730mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden art studio which has light oak windows, corner pillars, fascias and soffits with green side walls.

Jean chose to have her door on the side which is very easy to do with the modular design of the QC6 studio.

Since the QC6 has a truly zero maintenance exterior which requires no painting or staining, the only painting Jean will be doing is inside her garden studio...

695 Jean outside her 9' x 9' art garden studio


Many thanks to Jean and Roger for showing us around their garden art studio...

Jean and Alex Booth outside her garden art studio


If you would like a quote for your art garden studio simply email your postcode and the rough size you require and we can do a floor plan and costing for you. Simply click here to send us your info.

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