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I am going to discuss the gap which can appear when installing your garden studio...

If your garden office has a gap below it then we can install "skirting".

You can see an example in the photograph below...

Large garden office with skirting

This garden studio was installed on very sloped ground so meant a large gap opened up as it left the higher ground.

The skirting is a upvc product which we give a 1 year guarantee to. The reason is that as it's touching the ground, which will get wet with rain and possibly snow, so it will not wear as well as the rest of your studio.

Also as it's a plastic product near to the ground then it can be damaged by strimmers when cutting grass.

On this particular garden office the customer paid to have a brick foundation below the skirting so that a strimmer would not have to get close to the skirting when cutting his grass...

skirting on a garden office


This particular garden office is on a severe slope...

garden office on a sever slope with skirting


This garden office also had grey decking installed in front of it's french doors...

grey decking in fron of garden office


If you install decking around your garden office then this can fill any gap and avoid needing skirting...

decking in front of garden office


Some customers don't mind the gap and use flowers and plants...

garden office on severe slope

We always maintain at least 100mm gap below every garden office as this gives airflow which means damp will never be an issue.

Ask whoever is dealing with your enquiry if you would like skirting below your garden office or garden studio.


Hope this helps!

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