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If you click on the garden room checklist button below, you will see a downloadable pdf checklist.

Hopefully this will help clarify the QCB verses the QC6 garden studio.

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 On 11 November 2016 at 12:31, Paul Morgan wrote:

Hi Iain and Alex,

Having spent two years researching the Garden outbuilding market, I was struck by how many choices there were but unfortunately all in wood and in my opinion rather expensive.

I came across Booth Studios and was in discussion with them for over 9 months before the final install date.  I would recommend Booth Studios to anybody.  From the minute you speak to Iain and Alex, all the way through to installation.  There is nothing that is too much trouble for this company.  Everyone wants to do the best for the customer (novel I know).  Having had the studio for over 3 months, we are so happy and all of our friends and family are amazed at the quality and comfort of the studio with the zero maintenance.  We recently showed a potential customer around and they could not believe the quality of the product and every customers willingness to share the great experience that is Booth Studios.  Don’t look at any other company than Booths, they are incredible and the product is 1st class. (see photo below)


Paul Morgan | Telefónica UK Limited
Head of Learning and Development

Paul Morgan QC6 garden office


On 3 March 2017 at 13:53, Joanna Lewywrote:

Hi Carmen,
I would be absolutely delighted to show Carl the studio, please give him my number.  It is incredible, I absolutely love it.  I cannot believe how amazing your company is........ the internet guys have just this second left and they asked me for your details as they said it was the best build they had seen.
I took another photo yesterday after I had moved some stuff in - it's not quite ready to work in yet but my first group are coming in on Monday! Yay!
Love to all
Jo xx
Jo Lewy garden studio full view