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How much does rental cost?

The photo below shows the 16' x 8' garden office which could be in your garden for £46.15 (including Vat) per week.
If you are Vat registered you will get the Vat back and it will only cost £38.46 per week.
All of this expense is an allowable business expense.
Garden office rental 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office

From as little as £ £36.92 inc Vat per week, you could rent a garden room and solve your lack of space issue in a professional way.


Hi there,
Iain here - I hope you are well.
I have listed the rental costs below which are payable before installation - please check these are up to date and note that rental studios are subject to availability. Email me with your postcode to get an accurate quote.
The rental is for the QCB garden office available in 4 internal sizes...
8' x 8' (a footprint of 9' 6" is required)
12' x 8' (a footprint of 13' 6" x 9' 6" is required.)
16' x 8'  (a footprint of 17' 6" x 9' 6" is required.)
20' x 8'  (a footprint of 21' 6" x 9' 6" is required.)
There is an installation fee of £2495 which includes electric mains connection complete with a Part P certificate.
Then the monthly fee for your size office is all that is payable. See below for monthly rental fees.
The maximum distance we will install a rental studio is 160 miles from our workshop at PE8 5AS and the rental studios only come with anthracite windows, corners and flashing, with merlin (light) grey walls. (Our most popular colours anyway:-)
If you want to end the rental anytime (after 6 months) then

returning the garden office is free. 

If you return the garden office within the 6 month period then a recovery fee of £1475 would apply.

The monthly rental costs are...

8' x 8' (2440mm x 2440mm) - £160 per month inc VAT.  This is £36.92 per week including VAT.
12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) - £200 per month inc VAT. This is £46.15 per week including VAT.
16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) - £240 per month inc VAT.  This is £55.38 per week including VAT.
20' x 8' (6100mm x 2440mm) - £280 per month inc VAT. This is £64.62 per week including VAT.
The photo below shows a 12' x 8' QCB garden office available for just £46.15 including Vat for renting in your garden. 
12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office available for rental


Rental studios are perfect for you if you need valuable extra space for your business and the extra space helps you generate more income.

Some of our customers have actually saved MONEY by renting because it eliminated other costs like business rates, travel costs & parking costs. 

In one case, the renter, who had always wanted a dog, could now get a dog because they could now work from home:-). They were never able to have a dog when travelling to an office because it wouldn't have been fair on the dog. 
Working from home also eliminates wasteful travel time to work, so even if your travel time was only 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back, over a year that's 240 extra hours of time... (an hour per day x 5 days x 48 weeks). 
240 hours is an extra 30 days per year. An extra month of time for yourself!
To see if you are a good candidate for renting...
We would need a photograph of the site where your garden office would be positioned and a rough indication of how many steps it is from your main road to the site in your garden for us to assess your site.
We would need your postcode.
We need to know what your garden office would be used for - your business or hobby.
We presently rent to garden centres, architect, beauty therapist, screenplay writer, hairdressers, musician, I.T. workers, graphic designer (Seb designed our logo), wedding dress makers, and financial advisors. This is a growing aspect of our business for customers who don't have the initial cash lump sum to buy a garden office.



You can see more information about the QCB garden office if you click here.
Alex and I discuss a rental garden office used by a screenplay writer here...
and with a customer (Dianne beauty garden studio) here...
Hope this helps.
Many thanks,

Sam Barrett emailed about his rental experience...

"I initially rented a Booths Garden Studio so that I could work in comfort with a commute of 20-metre walk to the end of my garden, rather than a 20-minute cycle to a bland office and it's been the best investment I have made. 
The guys that came to put it in were great, the advice from Iain about mild neighbour fall-out was invaluable and having a separate space outside of the home made me feel like I wasn't always surrounded by work. 
The office has been great to work in and I have now decided to buy it and keep it at home. 
I would really recommend the Booth's Garden Studios -- the offices are great but the people who sell them are also really decent people. Thank you."

Sam Barratt, Oxford

Some lovely feedback about a 12' x 8' QCB garden office rental...

Sue wrote:
Hi Iain,
I just wanted to give some feedback and say a massive thank you.
First of all the guys were absolutely brilliant fitting my studio together, really professional and helpful, couldn’t fault them. They worked really hard. 
What lovely lads. I LOVE my studio. It looks great. 
Better than that though, it has literally changed my life because it is my therapy clinic and instead of only being able to offer two mornings a week in my town at a clinic I rented, I have been able to open up my appointments for the whole week which means my client base has increased already. 
Not only that but I don’t have to carry everything with me like I used to, it’s all set up. 
I’m also saving on fuel and wear and tear on my car.
Huge joy in the morning when I wander out into my garden and unlock my little studio door and come into its peaceful environment to carry out a days’ treatments.  
I am so grateful to you for renting the studio to me because I wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy it right now as my business is fairly new, but I hope to buy it soon. 
Every one of my clients loves it, it’s quiet, peaceful, warm – I only have to have the heater on for a little while and it stays warm all day. 
The perfect place to carry out my therapies.
Absolutely thrilled with it and I couldn’t be happier.
Kind Regards
Sue Jaycock

This is a 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB garden office which we have just started renting.
20' x 8' QCB rental garden studio

If you are interested in renting a garden studio contact us with your postcode and size required here.

The cheapest garden office in the UK which is of this quality.