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Alex and Iain discuss the differences between the QC Basics garden studio and the QC6 garden studio which has lots of optional extras. Alex discusses the corner pillars, the flyover roof and guttering...




Alex points out that the QCB garden office can't have french doors, half windows, fanlight windows, or large picture windows, whereas the QC6 has all of those options...


Other differences are...


The QCB garden studio can only have outside pillar lights installed during the studio installation since access is when the roof is off.


1) The QCB "Basics" garden office for those who want a pro office/studio at a fantastic price up to 20' x 8' (6050mm x 2440mm)
2) The QC6 garden studio has many more options like...
Windows and doors can be positioned anywhere.
French doors.
Fanlight windows.
Half windows.
6ft square "Picture windows" to enjoy views from your studio. 
At least 6 double mains sockets.
All internal sockets and lighting sockets are fitted flush.
The latest spec Aurora LED lighting.
Data conduit runs all around the whole studio for internet, phone and tv position flexibility. 
All of the QC studio designs are portable so they remain your asset...
you can take it with you to your new home or sell it on if your circumstances change. 
Being portable increases the used value of your garden room and whenever I sell a used
QC on our website there is always a huge amount of interest.